The Story of Grumps BOWtique

I’m 26 years old. I have my bachelors degree in Dance from Shenandoah University. I graduated in 2018 and went on to do the DCP program in the Spring of 2019. I was in entertainment where I hung out with the best of pals! To name a few, I spent most of my days with Russell, Timon, Mike Wazowski, Pooh Bear, Sadness, and the list goes ON AND ON!


I transferred from my CP to being a status’d cast member in the summer of 2019. That was the best time of my life! I received that phone call that every cm wanted, I was going to dance down Main Street for MOUCP that Christmas 🎄 Grumpy and I became best friends and danced the entire Christmas season together!!!


Covid came and I went home to Maryland, where I waited until Disney laid me off. I knew there was a reason, God works in funny ways. My brother, Corey, has been battling Brain Cancer since 2008 and unfortunately, my new place to be was with him. He has stage 4 brain cancer and he is the sole reason I have my shop. Thinking my whole world was over, I knew I had to come up with something. The day Disney officially laid me off, I opened the store on etsy and began this wild journey.

I get asked three questions almost daily.

  1. “Who made your logo?”
  2. “Where did you get your name from?”
  3. “Why did you start GrumpsBOWtique?”

Simple, He is my “Why?”.

To make a long sappy story, short…He is a professional graphic designer and he is the creator of my logo and my brand. He drew it with his own hands and created the most beautiful representation of my company. In the winter of 2020, his brain tumor decided to grow extremely quickly and it was all hands on deck. In the summer of 2021, we all picked up and moved to Duke Hospital for 4 weeks while he underwent extremely intense radiation. Since then we had been fighting and praying for miracle because the tumor continued to grow faster than the chemo drugs could work.

Unfortunately, Corey recently lost his battle with Cancer and passed away on May 7th 2022. I will continue to bring magic to people all over the world, (yep, GrumpsBOWtique is in 9 international countries) in Corey's honor. I hope to one day make him proud because without him, I wouldn't have this shop. Please know that have stitch, every logo, every tissue paper wrapped headband, is made with love. I hope that you enjoy your bows and will continue to support me and my shop, for Corey.